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Set Your DVR: FX’s The Strain

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Get ready for sparkle-free Sundays

Tonight FX throws it genre hat into the Sunday night mix with Guillermo del Torro’s The Strain. Based on an original story by del Torro and Chuck Hogan, that was first published in book form and later as a pretty good comic, The Strain is a straight up horror story that wants to remind us that Vampires are at their best as evil, blood-sucking, sparkle-free monsters from Hell. Tonight’s pilot episode is being directed by Guillermo del Torro, and the series going forward promises to have his fingerprints all over it. So any fan of del Torro’s distinct style of horror should definitely be giving this a show a shot. For everyone else, the early reviews so far have been so-so, so this series might not be a slam dunk hit right out of the gate, but given Guillermo’s deep level of involvement and FX’s history of producing great shows, there’s definitely more than enough here for me to recommend giving this show a shot. Not to mention the trailers so far have looked scary as Hell. So unless you scare easily, or have issue’s with bladder control, I do believe you should be joining me in setting your DVR for this horrifying new take on the Nosferatu. And if you do get scared and pee your pants easily, just remember…they do make adult diapers.

The Strain premieres tonight on FX

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