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Set Your DVR: FX’s Justified

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Who knew being a US Marshall could be so dangerous…..or bad ass..
Make sure your DVR is locked and loaded because US Marshall and all around bad ass Raylan Givens, is back for season 5 of FX’s fantastic original series, Justified. This year looks to be all about the lovably stupid small time criminal Dewey Crowe and his family, who appear to be much more dangerous than Dewey. With the great effort this show goes to creating fully fleshed out and very interesting villains, I’m sure the Crowe Clan will provide great targets for Raylan to put bullets through. Joking aside, this is one of the best shows on television at character development, so it really doesn’t matter who gets brought onto the show, every character shines. Also, if you’ve never watched Justified before don’t be afraid to dive in now. Each season is mostly self-contained, and can be enjoyed on it’s own. That said, I do highly recommend finding and watching every episode, they really are all just that good. Justified premieres this week so set that DVR and get ready for witty dialogue, wild west shootouts, and a never-ending supply of criminals and backwoods gangsters that live in Harlan County…..who will all at some point probably be shot by Raylan. Like I said, dude’s a bad ass. Check out the season 5 trailer and let us know if you’ll be setting your DVR!!

Justified premieres on FX January 7th, 2014

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