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Set Your DVR: FX’s Archer

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I’m on a highway to the danger zone…….
Our favorite animated super spy returns for season 5 of Archer, and rest assured, no bottle of booze will be safe from his rampage. For those poor unfortunate souls who, for what ever reason, have missed out on quite possibly the funniest and most wildly inappropriate comedy on television, I ask you a simple question; What have you been doing with your life? Find and watch the first four seasons immediately, you will thank me later. For everyone else, season 5 will most likely tell who Lana’s baby’s daddy is, and other than that your guess is a good as mine. I’m sure it will involve Archer, booze, women, espionage, cyborg Barry, heroin addicted butlers, the tattooed wee baby Seamus, and…. Well you get the picture. Archer starts this week on it’s new day(Monday). So let us know if you plan on setting the DVR, and if you’re not, at least tell us why you hate fun.

I leave you with this parting gift….enjoy.

Archer returns to FX on Monday, January 13

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