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Set Your DVR: Fox’s The Following

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Once upon a midnight dreary, Kevin Bacon pondered, weak and weary…..
the-following-season-22-710x400The Following premieres on Fox January 19th

Last years #1 new show returns for another season of murder, shocking twists, and presumably more Kevin Bacon and the FBI getting out-smarted just about every week by bad guys. OK, so maybe that’s a little of an exaggeration, but the consistency in which the Joe Carroll cult was always one step ahead and just a little smarter than our heroes, left me a little unsatisfied with season one. Luckily a new year is here, and the writers have had plenty of time to hopefully fix some of last years deficiencies. For those new to the show, The Following is about Joe Carroll, a serial killer obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe, the cult Carroll founded to carry out his “work”, and the FBI agent who ultimately caught him. In season two, the Carroll Cult has resurfaced to once again torment Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) by yet again murdering people in the name of their now presumed dead leader, Joe Carroll. Who in typical bad guy fashion may not actually be dead. So if this sounds like your cup of murder, don’t forget to set your DVR, and as usual we want to know if you plan on watching!! So sound off below, it’s your chance to join our cult……..we are waiting.


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