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Set Your DVR: CW’s The 100

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Attractive twenty-somethings, all stuck on a deserted radioactive Earth with no rules, what’s the worst that can happen?…..
The CW is only one week away from unveiling it’s newest show, and you know what, it might have a shot to be pretty damn good. The 100 looks a little bit like a sci-fi Lord of the Flies, but with 20+ years olds guys and girls fighting each other, instead of pre-adolescence boys. There’s also this whole other plot about saving what’s left of the human race, who might not even be worth saving. After all, they are basically sending the 100 to Earth to be guinea pigs. You see, the powers that be need to know if Earth is safe to live on, because some geniuses nuked it 97 years prior, and for all they know it might still be one big radioactive oven. So like I said, bunch of A-holes that the 100 might be better off letting die. I I guess we’ll all find out soon enough, I’m sure this will be one of the many questions The 100 will be exploring. Anyway, that’s the basic premise, and as you can see, there’s a lot going on. So far I like what I see, and it definitely has an interesting enough concept for me to give it a shot and set the DVR. But how bout you? Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. Is The 100 gonna find a safe landing in your living room, or are you changing the channel when Arrow is over?

The 100 premieres March 19th after Arrow

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