Brian West

Set Your DVR: AMC’s The Walking Dead Returns

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Why is Carl looking back? I thought it was made pretty clear that that was a bad idea, Carl never listens.

Rejoice all zombie lovers!! The Walking Dead returns from what seemed like the longest mid-season break of all time. Look for it to pick right up from where we last left Rick and his merry band of survivors, on the run. With the Governors attack leaving the prison destroyed and overrun with zombies, everyone has fled in all directions, and in the process are now all separated from each other. My guess is that they spend a good chunk of this season trying to regroup, all the while trying not to be eaten by the undead. Pretty sure not everyone is gonna make it. To help get us excited for the second half of season 4, AMC has also released a new trailer. Give it a watch and let us know if you’ll be joining me in setting the DVR for all this brain eating goodness!!

The Walking Dead returns on AMC February 9th

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