Serenity: Float Out

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It is not often I make a mistake of this magnitude.

I thought that I a huge comic book junkie and enthusiastic n00b to the world of Firefly/Serenity would be perfect to read Dark Horse Comics latest published outing into Josh Whedon’s future.  This one is written by Patton Oswalt (yes, he must be a real Sci-Fi geek–his previous duty before this was being on Sy-Fy’s Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica) and drawn by Patric Reynolds (a relative newcomer–his biggest work was last years Abe Sapien:  The Haunted Boy).

My mistake?  While an eager n00b, I am still just a n00b, and my ignorance may have spoiled my enjoyment of this comic.

I am not saying I did not enjoy it.  How could any one not enjoy a comic book centered on Wash?

Wash is definitely a character I can sympathize with.  He tells bad jokes, but is still likable.  He has a beautiful wife and a wonderful job.  Of course, he died in the Serenity movie…  And there is the rub.  There are three mini-stories in this one-shot.  All of the stories are about Wash, told by friends of his, but friends I did not know.  Am I supposed to not know them?  If only I knew more about the whole Whedon-created universe. I enjoyed the stories, but who are these guys?  I did really like the special cameo at the end… which I can’t tell you about because I know you would shove me out the airlock.  If you like Serenity, you will need to get this comic book just for that last page.

I am working on my ignorance.  I am halfway through the Firefly episodes.  Then I will re-watch the movie.  I thought then I would be done, but it obvious now that I will have to track down the other Serenity comic books, Better Days and Those Left Behind, and rea those too.

The bottom line is, if you like Serenity, buy this book, ASAP.  If not, maybe if you are just wondering if you should get a book because it has Patton Oswalt’s name on it, skip it.

I will be reading it again, after I have gotten caught up.

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