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Sentai Filmworks Launches Sentai Selects

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Appleseed from Sentai SelectsSentai Filmworks has announced a new line of products that will provide anime fans with essential programming with a budget conscience experience.

Sentai Selects will showcase anime that have withstood the test of time to remain popular and are memorable works of their genre. A wide variety of titles are scheduled for inclusion in the line to assure that something fresh and different is available for every release. These releases are also being curated specifically to give fans an opportunity to discover new experiences without breaking the bank. This new line of titles will offer reversible cover artwork and other features where applicable.

“The Sentai Selects line was created for those who have recently become interested in anime and wish to expand their libraries with classic shows, as well as those who may have missed their chance to own these titles during their first run,” said David Del Rio, Vice President of Sentai Filmworks. “Our hope is to provide an ideal situation where both new and old fans alike can enjoy these must own anime at an affordable entry price.”

The debut release for Sentai Selects will be the sci-fi action movie adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed manga, which was directed by Shinji Aramaki. The Sentai Selects release of Appleseed will include enhanced Blu-ray audio and double-sided cover artwork.

Appleseed explores the society of Earth’s last city, Olympus, which rose from the ashes of global war on the backs of Bioroids, artificial clones who make up half the city’s population. Under the guidance of a supercomputer, humanity’s last survivors enjoy peace, but only on the surface. Human terrorists within the military seek a return to power and clash with the government’s forces led by Deunan, a legendary soldier and Brialeos, who is more machine than human.

More titles in the Sentai Selects line will soon be available.

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