Alan Smithee

Sega’s Rebirth Lies in China

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What does the once all-powerful need to do to get back on it’s feet? First, they need a shitload of money to come into the company coffers. Second, they need to have more product recognition and brand awareness. How will they do this? Simply my friends, China.

The blossoming mega-power is hungry for entertainment now that their economy is on the rise and their thoughts have turned away from Chairman Mao and more onto what Brangelina are doing these days. It’s with this hope that Sega plans on conquering that market.

It’s not something new really, I mean…yes there are arcades in China, and the games that do well there are essentially the same ones you get in Japan, but Sega wants more. They want to be THE amusement company to reach further than many of the Japanese companies currently operating in China. I can only hope that it works out for them and that it brings them back to where they belong, into the console market once again.

Well, I know that last sentence is only a pipe dream, but I can hope can’t I?

Starting soon (this upcoming spring), Sega will begin selling many of it’s titles in China and there’s even plans for the company to begin work on creating new games while there. These are interesting times to be a gamer as the world starts to care less about what the Western World is doing, but what’s going on in the Middle Kingdom.

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