Sega unleashes new console in Japan, and by console I mean Toilet

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Oh Sega, is this what you’ve been reduced to? Probably not, but I’ll just file this one under “Crazy Japanese stuff”.

Basically, Sega are installing hardware in Japanese urinals that uses specially placed pressure sensors on the inside the urinals as a controller for various minigames that are on a display above it.  And what will most likely be causing the pressure? A stream of golden piss of course. There are currently four games for the “platform”. Unfortunately the urinals are still being developed

  • Manneken Pis – This sounds like it just measures how much you have urinated.
  • Graffiti Eraser – Allows you to erase walls of graffiti with your piss.
  • The North Wind and Her – Most likely be a paedophile and blow a girl’s dress off using your penis. In the sequel, you get to give her a golden shower.
  • Milk From Nose – Sumo Wrestling, but with the pressure of piss.

Only something like this could happen in Japan. One wonders what else Sega could do with this. Ryan Wilson suggested co-op multiplayer games. Knowing Sega, I have to wonder how long it will be before they start porting Genesis titles to the device. Piss up, down, left and right for d-pad movement. Sega’s female audience is also missing out, so I wonder when they’ll make a unisex version further down the line.Quite frankly though, I think they are taking the piss. (Feel free to come up with more urine related puns)

Source: Sega Japan via Akihabara News

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