Ryan Thomason

See FORREST GUMP in IMAX screening, Salt Lake City

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forrest gump

WHEN: September 5th through September 11th
WHERE: Salt Lake City, Utah
HOW TO GET IN: That’s right, for the 20 year anniversary (Wow, I feel really old just now.) of Forrest Gump, the movie will be screening in IMAX for the first time in Salt Lake! So, if you want to catch the movie ANY DAY it is playing for one week only here is what you do. Email your name & mailing address to [email protected] with “FORREST GUMP – WPR Sent Me” in the subject line! Winners will be notified via email on Wednesday, September 3rd.

It’s that simple, you know..like. Box of chocolates or shrimping or cross country running and all. Just run with it.

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