Seattle’s Geek Girl Con From a Male’s Point of View!

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Seattle’s Geek Girl Con 2013

Washington State Convention Center Seattle, WA October 19th–20th

First off, I must say I’ve been to a lot of cons; none of which were as organized, or as spirited as Geek Girl Con.



I won’t lie, as a man I was worried that I’d be completely out of place at a con with a title like “Geek Girl Con.” My interest to cover this event was solely based on my status of loving father to a beautiful Geek Girl. While I’d like to really focus on the amazing time I had with my daughter, most of that is going to have to wait for my next Geek Dad Report. I will say right away that Geek Girl Con was very kid friendly.

Some features your child would enjoy!

  • They had a whole giant section with science geeks to show your child (or you) science experiments they could do on their own.
  • They had a costume competition that children were welcome to compete in.
  • The tables were filled with merchandise that children of all ages would enjoy. From 0-100 years old there was something there for you to buy.
  • There were panels for subjects for all ages, and all genres of geekdom.
  • There were tons of kids and moms there. Not to mention very friendly vendors like Katie Cord from Evil Girlfriend Media who spent almost a half an hour playing with my daughter on Sunday.
  • The bottom floor of the con was a giant game room, filled with tons of games that anyone could play.
  • The artist alley included some art that children would enjoy, including My Little Pony.

1374934_656407807726562_1561119894_nGeek Girl Con was by no means a “girls only” event. Plenty of guys were there to support their children, siblings, friends, and/or significant others, or just to have fun. This con to me was really about having a nice comfortable place for Geek Girls to have fun, but also to not exclude anyone at all. Everyone seemed very happy to be there, from the volunteers putting on the event, to the patrons. With as well organized as this event was, it’s easy to see why everyone was so happy. I have much respect for every single volunteer that put on this con. Their passion truly showed!

I will be coming back to this con with my daughter next year and probably years to come. I hope to see you guys there next year!

If supporting Geek Girl Con sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out this page.

All photos in this post taken by Michelle Kilmer. 

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