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Search and Recover – FallingSkies, Review

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The plane carrying Tom crashes, Dr. Glass is missing with the hybrid baby, Hal is still weird and Pope is the man we all want to be in this scenario. So, another fun episode of Falling Skies.

First off, sorry for the delay in posting this. I was recovering from a race over the weekend and well, sore legs ‘n stuff?

Search and Discover

Alright, so to start off Search and Recover, Tom and crew were trying to evade advanced alien aircraft with their ancient WW2 plane, failed and crashed. Tom, sitting in the co-pilot seat, obviously survives and is smart enough to save Pope. Really, what is a world without Pope? I like Pope because he’s an ultimate opportunist and really doesn’t give a crap, up to a point. I think we learn a little about Pope, besides his obvious “bad guy” back story he tells Tom about his kids. I did think Tom’s reaction the next morning was a bit dick headish. But the two drawing blades and circling each other? I was on the edge of my seat, then the obvious alien search party had to crash our Pope vs Tom battle to the death.

Anne is missing, so Weaving and the family go looking for her. This little storyline was far more sad than I was expecting. Well, sad enough as it can be with Hal doing his whole ‘evil Hal’ thing the whole time. You have to give him props as an actor to really have you recognize the difference. Anyways, this whole side story about death, and what it means to die alone was a little touching. Seeing a kid coming to terms with death in such a way is heartbreaking, nobody wants to die alone.

Overall, with that basic premise, it’s an enjoyable episode, we get a little Pope back story, see what Toms assistant might be the mole (I doubt it’s her, I still think it’s the baby) and we get a little thought on just how it is death after an alien invasion can still have on a civilization’s desire to pay tribute to those who passed, even if they didn’t know them.

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