Sean Bean and friends back for Silent Hill: Revelation

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Everyone’s favourite Horn of Gondor blowing Brit will be returning for the sequel to the 2006 video game adaptation of Silent Hill.While it is rumoured that he is returning under a different character name, it is confirmed at least that he will be returning. Also returning for the sequel is Radha Mitchell (Rose) and Deborah Kara Unger (Dahlia), who will both be reprising their roles from the first film. There is also a new picture courtesy of FirstShowing, which seemingly shows Heather meeting Rose.

Interesting. This cast announcement gives the impression that it will be a direct sequel to the first film, rather than its own beast like the game Silent Hill 2. It does make some sense, given Silent Hill 3, which this game is based on, was linked to the first game through Heather and the events surrounding her. The end of the first film certainly opens it up for Mitchell and Unger to return but what about Bean? He never actually visits actual Silent Hill in the first film so unless he is in a different role this time, it’s hard to see how he will fit in. Not that I’m complaining, he is a fun actor to watch after all.

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