SDCC09 – Umbrella Academy 3: Hotel Oblivion

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One of my favorite comic books series of recent years has to be Gerard Ways The Umbrella Academy.  Some people will immediately disregard the comic because of his roots with his band My Chemical Romance, don’t this guys got talent and will be around in the comics industry long after My Chemical Romance have stopped making music.

The Umbrella Academy focuses on a very dysfunctional family of disbanded superheroes who get back together after the death of their father, who was an alien disguised as a human being.  So far two six part series have been released, part The Apocalypse Suite netted Way the Eisner award for best limited series in 2008 and part two, Dallas was also very well received and features perhaps the best representation of the war in Vietnam and the assassination of JFK you’ll ever read, suffice to say it invovles time travel and talking primates.

We’ve known for a little while now that part 3 would be announced at SDCC and now thanks to the guys over at comic book resources we’ve got a few scant details to start getting excited about.  In an interview with the guys Way has said that part 3 will focus on the villains of the world and what happens to them after they have been apprehended by the Umbrella Academy.  I’m guessing they all end up in Hotel Oblivion which at least from the teaser art (above) looks to be off world and seeing as Hargreaves was an alien this makes sense.  Way has also said that he wants to make the family a little bit more functional and try and bring them all together which I think can only be a good thing and it’ll be great to see what this family can do when they all get along.

No release date has been announced for the series yet but I don’t think we’ll be seeing this until the end of the year at least, I for one cannot wait!

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