SDCC09 – Neill Blomkamp not interested in Halo movie?

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District 9 premiered to an enthusiastic crowd most of whom are claiming that Blomkamp has a promising future ahead of him.  For those of you that don’t know Blomkamp was signed on as the director for the Peter Jackson produced Halo movie, after several months of pre production the film fell apart because of budgetary concerns and the fact that Blomkamp was an untested director for a film of this size.

I’d always thought the deal was if District 9 was a success then Jackson and Blomkamp would be given back the Halo movie, however this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Slashfilms’ David Chen managed to get a few answers out of Blomkamp at last night’s D9 screening and he had the following to say:

The rumors are completely wrong…The answer is, I probably wouldn’t do Halo if it was offered to me. But creatively, I would like to do it. It’s kind of like I’d be sad to not work on it, but I would still say no.

I worked on it for five months…I put a lot of sort of sweat and blood into Halo. Creatively, it’s very compelling. I love it. But, when you work that long on something and you have it bottom out and collapse…i mean, I got District 9 out of it, I think I’m probbaly better off because it’s more of a personal film. But yeah, I love the world ofHalo. I don’t think I would go back there.

It sounds to me like he’s pissed off  because he was pushed off of the project and he’s going to stick to his guns on this one.  If District 9 is the massive success that people are predicting then I wonder if a massive paycheck will change his mind?  If he doesn’t end up doing the film I think it would be massive shame his Halo short film, Landfall was awesome which really gave the sense of a massive alien war going on, if the film ever gets made I just hope they don’t give it to some hack director like McG or Brett Ratner.

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