SDCC09 – Avengers Line Up Revealed

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Our friends over at Collider managed to sit down with Kevin Feige – President of Production at Marvel Studios to talk about the upcoming Avengers movie and they managed to get  the following bit of information from them regarding who will be appearing in the movie:

Kevin: I think we know. It’s going to be Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury. I think it’s safe to assume that there will be some members of the Hulk universe in the film as well. In terms of the additional, I think Black Widow for sure. SHIELD’s organization for sure. And, again, what’s exciting to me about the Avengers movie are seeing those four characters together and interact with each other. Anywhere from the first issue of the Avengers to Civil War, the dynamic between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is awesome and fascinating. It brings out sides of the others that won’t be brought out in their own franchises. Throwing Thor into the mix is a whole other thing and I think that will be cool. So to pile in another ten or fifteen…or frankly even four…I think will be too many.

Now we’ve known all along that Iron Man, Thor and Captain America would be part of the line up but what I find interesting is that Feige seems to be giving  Nick Fury top billing as well,  in the Ultimates universe Fury is The Avengers ‘handler’ but are they going to be giving him a bigger role for the movie?  I hope so, I really like Samuel L Jackson in role so the more we see of him the better.  The really interesting comment is the reference to ‘members of the Hulk universe’, what about the Hulk?  I remember reading that Norton wasn’t keen on signing on for than one film and I’m not sure if he would take equal footing in a film with several other big stars, including man of the moment; Robert Downey Jr.  When asked about the possibility of Hulk appearing in the film is all Feige had to say is: You know Zack Penn is outlining it as we speak so we’ll see, doesn’t sound likely to me, personally I loved to have seen Hulk as the films villain, Iron Man and Hulk have had some great fights over the years including levelling Manhattan in the finale of World War Hulk, it’ll be interesting to see who the team goes up against when the film is released in 2012.

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