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Scottie and Scott Character Sketch Blog is AMAZING

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Calling this a webcomic is probably not the most accurate thing in the world, but it’s about as close to a description as I can think of. Regardless, you have to check out what these two amazing artists are doing. Scottie and Scott’s daily character sketch is simply awesome. Basically it’s two comic book artists who put up the “warm up” sketches that they do everyday to get their creative juices flowing for the daily routine. After they finish drawing them, it gets posted to the site for all of us to see (and purchase)

Yeah, you can purchase the prints that they make too, mind you, they are pricey. Why is that? Well they don’t own the rights to print multiple copies of the trademarked characters. They can do a one shot and sell it perfectly legal like. Anything you buy is basically a one of a kind that nobody else will ever have. I just wish I had a couple hundred bucks to drop on some of the really amazing ones. Really, check out the site, you won’t be disappointed.

This week they are doing Harry Potter characters, and damn, are they cool.

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