Alan Smithee

Sayonara Wizard and Toyfare

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Damn, another magazine bites the dust…but maybe, just maybe it’ll come back harder, better, faster, and stronger as a website.

I used to raid the local Hastings about an hour before they would close and sit around reading both Toyfare and Wizard (both owned by Wizard World Inc.) just so I could keep up to date with the hobbies that I had no time to be involved in, and to check how little or much my comics/action figures appreciated in value that moth…yes I was one of those geeks.

Today, with the news that the company is going to be touring across the US with their brand of conventioneering, they’ve announced that the printing will cease as they move toward a digital only world by opening up a comic/toy geek centric website in February called “Wizard World”.

I hope that they are successful much how Cracked became a much more successful venture after ceasing their magazine. We’ll just have to see I guess. I’ll miss have this magazine around as I do some concentrated reading, but I do have an iPad now which is just a portable. This might just be a good thing.


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