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Sayonara iPhone – Part I

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You might recall recently that I have planned on switching from my trusty Apple iPhone, which I’ve been using since 2008 and has been by my side for the birth of all three of my children, to an unknown world of Android OS on a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Today I bring you the first steps in this journey.

I use Google products pretty much extensively on my computer and at work. Nothing so far has come close to rivaling the simplicity of Gmail and Gchat and I noticed the other day that I had far too many contacts than people I actually keep in touch with. It was high time to clean house, and clean house I did. I whittled 300+ items down to a workable list of 97 but noticed that there were many, many other people and places that I correspond with that weren’t represented.

Now if you have an iPhone, you can sync your device up to iTunes and it’ll backup your contacts, music, apps, etc with just one click…though the problem is sharing that information with other devices as I am wanting to do here. I poured over all of the settings, all of the sub menus and there’s no way that I could see to export all of my contacts into a VCF file for import into another address book.

Luckily the app store had a free app that does all of the hard work for you and allows you to essentially email yourself the file. My Contacts Backup was a real lifesaver for this and I can’t suggest it highly enough for those of you who might be doing the same thing as I…just click that link to see it in the app store on your device.

After I had emailed the file to myself, it was simply a matter of opening the email through my browser and Gmail automatically saw that it was an address book that I wanted to import and offered me a one-click to import solution.

It worked for a while…seeing how the file was almost 4 megs I had some patience, then told me it was all done and that it had noticed that I had some duplicate contacts that it would like the OK to merge. Seriously, two clicks to have my phone’s contacts available on my gmail/voice/chat? AWESOME. I can only hope that all Android stuff is this easy to pick up.

Up next, selling the old phone. But you’ll have to wait for that one’s conclusion…as it’s not been sold, yet.

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