Alan Smithee

Sayonara Blockbuster

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somebody out there will appreciate the metaness of this picture. at least i hope someone does.

It’s bad enough that the company doesn’t even come close to what Netflix can do when it comes to streaming video…but when I hear news of the movie rental chain having to close 500 stores, it’s time for us to let the store go into the woods to die a solitary death like all good old dogs are supposed to do.

True, the company was great for a while. I used to be at the locations around me almost every weekend for the longest time, but with the advent of Netflix/Redbox and cheap DVDs, I have absolutely no reason to ever consider going to a Blockbuster store. There is news today from slashfilm that should make it so you’ll never go there either…they’re bringing back LATE FEES!

Believe it or not, in an effort to salvage the comany they’re going to reinstate late fees. What the hell hot tub time machine did I step into? What is this, 2004? The company says that they’ll charge a $1 late fee for each day that the movie is out late (not to exceed $10). That’s just an insult. Anyone who still uses these guys as a viable way of movie watching needs to be laughed at and shamed into submission.

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