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Save 20% on Naruto Manga This Week

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Do you have the Viz Media iOS app? Do you love ninjas? I do on both counts and will be spending the better part of this weekend reading every volume of the insanely popular manga that my bank account and wife can stand…and on the cheap!

Starting yesterday (the 3rd of June) and running all the way until next Friday at midnight pacific time, you can now pick up any of the first 27 volumes of the manga from Masashi Kishimoto for only $3.99 each (just so you know, there’s currently 50+ volumes in total out in Japan). That’s 20% off the normal purchase price.

The series started its life in Weekly Shonen Jump way back in 1999 and has been going strong since and has even managed to become a cross-culture phenomenon as people of all nationalities and social status have grown to be fans. Some even going so far as to wear the traditional headbands that sport the ninja’s land of origin on the front on a metal plate.

The last time Viz did something like this was about 3 weeks ago when they had the original Dragon Ball series for download at the same price point and I found myself picking up 4 volumes that weekend alone. If you think about it, $4 for a volume of manga compared to the price of a regular comic book these days or even the price of a printed volume of the manga series, you’re making out like a bandit considering you get nearly 200 pages each for such a cheap price.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find out where I left off in the anime and start my collection from there.

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