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San Francisco Anime Geeks, Get Your Ass to New People Today

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Let me further clarify that. Get your ass to the New People complex’s box office today if you’re a fan of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and want to be an elitist weeaboo that can lord your mastery of a series over your lesser geek friends.

I’m telling you this because TODAY and TOMORROW, they’re going to be showing all three episodes of Gundam UC (Unicorn) on the big screen for a low low price of only $26 for all 3 hours of subtitled anime goodness. You heard me right, they’re showing all three of the currently available episodes of the show (each about 50 minutes long) as a celebration leading up to the release of Episode 3 on Blu-ray on April 7th.

While there, you can also pick up each of the series’ Blu-rays for a discount as well. We don’t get much anime in theaters here in Utah, but if I lived anywhere near the New People complex in San Francisco, there’s nothing that would stop me from checking this out.

For more information, go to the New People website for tickets and showtimes.

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