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Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014: A New Con Plan of Attack

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This week I am heading to Salt Lake City for Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience! Not only do I get to explore a new convention, but I will get meet the WatchPlayRead SLC contingent that I only know through email and Google Hangouts. I am really looking forward to meeting my colleagues, but really I’m excited for all the programming, exhibitors, and special guests. In many ways a con is a con, but I still need to do some prep work before I pick up my pass.

Harassment policy—check!
Mobile app—check!
Floor plan—check!
Awesome guest list—check!

And then, there’s programming. FanXperience hosts some interesting panels. Not knowing the local community, I have no idea who the best speakers or presenters are. It can be hit or miss depending on the mix of contributors and the amount of preparation involved. I plan to just pick a variety of targets in my interest areas. Cons never go to plan, who knows what I will actually see. FanXperience also lists a variety of game tournaments, which is cool. But, this being my first time here taking timeout for gaming might not be a possible.

Here are my picks for programming at FanXperience.


  • Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot Meets Science
  • Women Warriors and Female Shamans—How to Avoid Stereotypes in Writing
  • The Female Superhero: Fighting Crime in Pearls and Heels
  • James Marsters Spotlight


  • Women in Film: Why It is Important and How Do We Make a Difference?
  • Lovecraft and Poe: What Influence Do They Have on Modern Storytellers?
  • Troll2: Best Worst Movie Ever
  • No Girls Allowed? Not Anymore: Girls Who Make Sci-Fi/Fantasy Chic
  • Horror on Television


  • Spotlight on Nathan Fillion
  • From Star Trek to Star Wars to Babylon 5 to Firefly to Battlestar Galactica: What makes a good space opera?
  • Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century
  • Controversies in Cosplay: Sexism, Objectification and Feminism
  • Horror: Why We Watch It, Why We Read It, Why We Love It

That already looks like a full day. Add to it a couple celeb photo ops, and I won’t have much time for vendors. Or artists! However, I will make time for a photo with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin. As well as seek out a few other guests like Edward James Olmos and Marina Sirtis.

I’m really looking forward to FanXperience 2014. I am anticipating a great trip to Salt Lake City. Now that wrapped my brain around the dates. This event runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Unlike the events on Easter weekend in Seattle, which pay no heed to the religious holidays apparently.

See you this weekend at SLCC FanXperience!


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