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Salt Lake Comic Con announces first guests

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Last September the first Salt Lake Comic Con was a much larger success than anyone expected. next came the Fan Xperience, which blew the roof off the Salt Palace Convention Center with attendance breaching the 100,000 mark. Now is time for the second anual Salt Lake Comic Con. The initial guest lists includes; Christopher Lloyd, Bruce Campbell, Ernie Hudson, Cary Elwes, John Barrowman, and Sam Witwer. This time around they are planning more than 200 guests. But really, Captain Jack is going to be there, do we really need more? Tickets are now on sale for the September 4 – 6 event. In addition, Salt Lake Comic Con ticket pricing has been enhanced and will start at a lower price as a bonus for early supporters.

Press Release

Game On: Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is Back to the Future September 4-6 to The Salt Palace

– Tickets go on sale today for Salt Lake Comic Con taking place on September 4-6, 2014; Producers bringing in guests from Back to the Future, Evil Dead, Doctor Who and The Princess Bride –

SALT LAKE CITY, May 13, 2014 – Today, Salt Lake Comic Con ( announced initial guests, new features and put tickets on sale for its second annual Salt Lake Comic Con on September 4-6, 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Salt Lake Comic Con is an epic pop culture convention event that brings comics, fan art, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, film and TV and their associated comic creator, artist, actor, performer and author celebrities and professionals to meet and interact with their fans.

The first round of guest announcements include Bruce Campbell, Ernie Hudson, Cary Elwes, Sam Witwer, John Barrowman and Christopher Lloyd. Over 200 celebrities and featured guests will be attending the event in September and will be announced on a regular basis between now and the convention.

Ticket pricing has been enhanced and will start at a lower price as a bonus for early supporters. For example, ticket prices for a 3-day Multipass will start at $30.00 and will increase between now and the event with a final price of $60 if purchased during the event.

“Our fans are so supportive and passionate about Comic Con that we wanted to reward them for buying early,” said Dan Farr, Salt Lake Comic Con Founder and Show Producer. “The continued fan support of these events allows us to expand Salt Lake Comic Con, already the largest convention in the state, and continue to attract the best celebrities, comic creators and vendors to come to Utah. Our conventions are so good they are now attracting fans from all over the world.”

Bruce Campbell is a cult film actor best known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s hit series the Evil Dead. He has also starred in movies such as Crimewave, Escape from L.A. and Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat and TV shows such asHercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess and most recently Burn Notice.

Cary Elwes is an English-American actor and voice actor best known for his role as Westley in The Princess Bride. He was also in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Robin Hood: Men in tights, Saw and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, Days of Thunder, Twister and Liar, Liar. He’s also been in a number of TV shows including Seinfeld, The X-Files andPsych.

Ernie Hudson is best known as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters film series as Sergeant Albrechtwell as main roles in the cult classic The Crow and most recently as Warden Leo Glynn in HBO’s Oz. He has also appeared in a number of TV series, many other shows including Desperate Housewives, Torchwood, Dukes of Hazzard, A-Teamand The Hand That Rocked the Cradle.

Sam Witwer began his career in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica as Lt. Crashdown. He also played Davis Bloom/ Doomsday in CW’s Smallville, was StarKiller in LucasArts’ video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Parts One and Two). He most recently starred in the SyFy series, Being Human.

John Barrowman is an actor, singer and dancer best known for his role in Doctor Whoas the recurring guest character Captain Jack Harkness. The character Jack became so popular he was given his own show, Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off. He has also starred in American TV shows including Desperate Housewives and ArrowBarrowman has been successful as a presenter, a dancer and in theatre and was voted Stonewall’s Entertainer of the Year in 2006.

Christopher Lloyd is best known for his role as Emmett “Doc” Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, and its sequel Addams Family Values, and Judge Doom in who Framed Roger Rabbit. He first hit the scene in the 1980’s TV series Taxi as Jim Ignatowski.

“Utah was recently named the ‘nerdiest’ state in the nation (per capita), which is something we knew all along as we hosted the largest Comic Con in North America per Captia,” said Bryan Brandenburg, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at Salt Lake Comic Con. “There is no question our September event will be the biggest and best convention yet. With the incredible guest lineup we have planned, the new features and programming we are certain to over-deliver to our fans, guests and partners once again.”

The 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con will highlight a number of new and enhanced features, including:

Expanded Kid Con. Kid Con was hugely popular and this Con will include even more activities and features for children.
More Cosplay. There will be more Cosplay components for those that participate and those that are spectators. There will be new events that will be featured for the first time anywhere in the world at Salt Lake Comic Con.
New Guest Lineup. The past two successes with huge turnouts puts Salt Lake Comic Con in the unique position of bringing in even a stronger lineup than ever before.
Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival. The film festival will offer expanded genres with a wider array of films, specifically independent films as well as more local Utah films all shown from a state-of-the-art movie theater.
Super Comic Creator lineup. Top tier comic creators will put Salt Lake Comic Con in the same league as San Diego and New York. Over 50% of Artist Alley is sold out and current comic artists are some of the best in the world.
Loyalty pricing and fixed VIP pricing: Special pricing for VIP’s from last years Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX.
Expanded Entertainment. Better entertainment options including Video Games Live Night with the Utah Symphony: The Utah Symphony will perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience. (Some Events Purchased Separately)

The inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con was held September 5-7, 2013. It was:
The largest first year Comic Con in North American history.
The largest convention ever in the state of Utah with over 72,000 attendees.
SOLD OUT with more than 52,000 ticket sales.
Ranks among the top 4 attended Comic Cons in United States.

The Salt Lake Comic Con FanX was held April 17-19, 2014. It was:
The largest convention ever in the state of Utah with over 100,000 attendees (beating its own record).
SOLD OUT VIP and Vendor Areas with over 500,000 sq. ft. of convention space.
Ranks among the top 3 attended Comic Cons in North America.
The largest Comic Con in North America per Capita

Salt Lake Comic Con is the most popular Comic Con Facebook page in North America (measured in fan engagement).

To buy tickets to September’s Salt Lake Comic Con or for more information, check outthe Salt Lake Comic Con website. For sponsorships and booths click here.


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