Kyle J. Steenblik

Salt Lake Comic Con – Day 1

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Salt Lake City Comic con, day one, September 5th.

On the opening of day one ticket sales had reached approximately 35,000 and rising, it is expected to break all first year comic convention attendance records in North America. I am in no way surprised, if you ask me, I did notice no one actually asked.

My overall impression of this little convention, that is now here to stay, is; not bad at all.  Actually, it was quite good.  There are definitely things that could have been done better, but we would hardly expect a first year convention to run without any missteps.  All the chaos was actually very well organized chaos.  None of the missteps really influenced the experience.  All the guests I encountered were enthusiastic, and having a great time.  Each vendor I visited was impressed with the crowds, and their reception, each one had expressed interest or plans to return next year.

I had many excellent conversations but they deserve more attention than a very tired writer can provide, for now, enjoy some pictures.  These will all be posted again in a larger Salt Lake Comic Con album with full captions where needed, in case you can’t tell which one is supposed to be batman.



Loyal WPR reader, Benjamin Varnell, is Iron Man

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