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Sailor Moon Crystal Will Be Available on Hulu and Neon Alley!

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Anime nerds nowadays don’t realize how easy they have it. Back when I was a young nerd, we had to work for our obsession. Sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night just to catch an episode, half listening to the show and half listening if your endeavors had roused the parental units upstairs. And if by some small miracle you found a VHS of a show you liked in the back of a video store, it would always be the the episodes you already had. Now these young whipper snappers have Hulu and Viz Media, streaming anime at the touch of their fingertips and they don’t even have to deal with dial up! Needless to say the announcement that Viz and Hulu will be streaming Sailor Moon Crystal makes me shake my head. Kids today, they’ll never know our struggle.

That’s right, Viz Media’s online free streaming anime destination Neon Alley will not only be streaming the newest evolution of the beloved anime Sailor Moon, it will be streaming it the same day as it airs in Japan. No waiting weeks or even months to come to the US or having to transverse the Japanese websites hoping to stumble upon a leaked video. They’re even letting Hulu in on this! The retelling of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, the defender of love and justice, and her fellow Sailor Scouts as they battle against the evil Negaverse can be watched on just about any electronic device. Your tablet, your phone, even your gaming consoles! Come July 5th, there isn’t any excuse not to catch the Sailor Soldiers kicking evil’s butt. We’ve come along way, young’uns–we’ve come along way.

Haven’t seen the new Sailor Moon Crystal trailer yet? (Where on earth have you been?!) Check it out above or on Hulu or YouTube.


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