Sarah Eitelberg

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer released! The criticism begins.

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The day has come fellow Moonies, the day we finally get a taste of the wildly anticipated Sailor Moon Crystal and an official air date! Huzzah!

While some bloggers across the internet have already turned their nose to it, citing poor animation or character designs, I for one am still optimistic. Not only is one of my beloved shows getting a reboot, it’s being based off Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga, which I absolutely loved. I felt the animation flowed well and gave a good romantic vibe that had practically oozed from Takeuchi’s manga. Some disgruntled fans complained about the character designs, their limbs too elongated, their faces too expressionless and too gosh darn skinny! Well don’t read the manga then kids. Those slim legs cover almost the whole page and the rest is made up of big glimmering eyes and hair, lots of hair. I think they did a pretty alright job translating that into animation.

Now do I want a stocky Sailor Moon beating the crap out of bad guys with a bloody nose and grin on her face. More than anything, but the is not the pretty solider that Takeuchi created in her original comic. Pretty Solider Sailor Moon is the official title of the manga, she’s supposed to be very pretty, delicate and graceful while saving the world from evil and kicking butt. And that’s OK. You want her to be something else, make a fan art. Can’t draw? Commission one of the thousands of amazing Sailor Moon fan artists to create the characters you think the pretty soldiers should be. As for me, I’m marking my calender for July 5th and counting down the days until I’m reunited with my favorite solider of love and justice.



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