Sarah Eitelberg

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1-By the power of the moon, you are killing me with nostalgic feels.

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The day is finally here fellow Moonies! Sailor Moon Crystal is here and it is so damn beautiful.

sailor moon cystal

Sailor Moon Crystal did a great job of keeping things the same yet different in this new reboot. Even though the art style has gotten some criticism from some fans across the internet, I though it was pretty well done! Since this version of Sailor Moon is based more on the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi, it has a lot more flow and flutter in the animation. Take Usagi’s hair for example, in the first anime, her hair was always together in almost a tube shape. In Crystal it has multiple strands that move and flow with her movements, similar to her manga incarnation, that hair is everywhere! But even though she looks a little different, Usagi Tsukino is still our favorite clumsy crybaby, failing tests and being an overall spaz.

The only real complaint I had was Usagai’s transformation scene. It was done in CG, I hate CG. Now while it wasn’t the worse CG in a 2D animation I’ve seen I still wish they would hand drawn the scene. But let me tell you Moonies, it still got me, right in the feels.  Make sure you have tissues ready, as soon as you hear the “Moon Prism Power Make-up!” it’s gonna be all over. You won’t be able to stop the flood of nostalgic emotions as Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon for the first time. Don’t even try to keep it together, you can’t.

I can’t wait to see the other Sailor Scouts and Queen Beryl in the future episodes! I’m excited that the story will follow the manga more than the last anime. I really enjoyed the manga and was disappointed they left some story lines from it. Sailor Moon has had many incarnations since it’s manga debut, I’m looking forward to seeing how this newest one pans out! It’s definitely off to a great start! Check out Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month to watch new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal!

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