Alan Smithee

Sagal Confirms Eighth Season of Futurama

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Season six of the once on Fox now on Comedy Central series ended a scant few months ago and the seventh season is set to appear this summer on the cable network, but that’s not enough for them…they want more.

Katey Sagal who just won a Golden Globe for Sons of Anarchy (and amused all of us vicariously through Kurt Sutter’s Facebook page) has been a part of the show since episode one of the series as Turanga Leela and spilled the beans about Comedy Central ordering an 8th season of the show.

They haven’t finalized it to the point of where we KNOW without a doubt that it’s going to happen, but the studio has been quietly checking in with the voice acting staff to make sure their schedules are open enough to do the next season. In my opinion, this show should have never gotten the boot. I’m glad it’s back and most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.


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