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Saga Issue #22 gets complicated

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Not complicated in a bad way, just more complicated in terms of the story and where your brain wants these kinds of love stories and drama to go. Typically, the husband/wife focus point is blissfully in love to the point it is sickening and wholly unrealistic. That is not true in Saga. While their love for each other is very much there, but it is just so grounded in reality it’s almost painful to read.

Saga 23

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image Comics
Get Caught up!: Saga TPB Vol. 01, Saga TPB Vol. 02, Saga TPB Vol. 03

Marko and Alana by no means have a perfect relationship. With Alana fading away essentially as she becomes more addicted to drugs it’s not making things easier for her and Marko. Everyone living in the tree/ship is starting to have concerns, the writing is on the wall. Everyone but poor baby Hazel, in baby bliss world is realizing that things might get worse before they get better. The dynamic of that relationship, how they will split apart is something of an anticipation since Hazel “telling her story as she is older” stated that her parents will get a divorce. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, for being a sci-fi space drama of galactic empires, there is an incredible amount of being relatable. That’s just telling a damn good story.

Prince Robot IV is back home after finding out about his wife being murdered and his son stolen. We get to see King Robot, who is a little more grandiose than you could have possibly imagined. With all the people having TV heads, I was expecting maybe a bigger screen, but, King Robot? He looks like he’s got a damn Jumbotron up on his shoulders. Do you get something like that installed when you become king? I wonder what the dynamics are for the robot people kingdom when it comes to their heads. Do Robot Wizards have projectors? Sorry, I got off track.

Dengo, the murderer of Prince Robot IV’s wife and stealer of royal babies has landed on the same planet of Marko and Alana, demanding to be broadcast on The Open Circuit. He proves he’s more than willing to put his gun to use to prove his point. What does Dengo have to say? Well, hell, we’ll have to wait another issue. The question right now hanging is, what is more valuable than airtime?

Saga continues to build a complicated and yet incredibly involving script of a story. The artwork of Fiona Staples hasn’t let me down and her pages only add an extra dimension of depth as things unfold. I’m hooked, fully, onto Saga. I don’t want to let go, and I don’t want this to end.

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