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Saga #24, this is simply amazing.

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It seems like it’s been forever, but we finally get a grasp of what has been going on with The Brand and Sweet Boy! Gwendolyn, Sophie and Lying Cat! And, HOLY CRAP SERIOUSLY that final page.


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: October 29th, 2014

If you want a copy of Saga #24 delivered right to your mailbox check that link.

Alright, so. Yeah. A lot has been going on, and this issue seems like it’s one of those points where the series is about to explode in the next direction. Alana, Hazel and the rest of the family have been kidnapped by the crazy Robot Janitor. It seems some time has passed since at the end, we get to see. Well. I don’t know if I want to spoil that part. Let’s just say Marko is very much sporting everything he needs to find his family. Including a new ally as it seems.

The main thread of the issue was Gwendolyn and Sophie are looking for a formula that will bring The Will back to good health after Sophie stabbed him during her hallucinations. They’re fighting off some ugly looking troll creatures that really have a nasty vocabulary. This is also where they make their introduction with The Brand and her sidekick Sweet Boy, a giant dog with glowing eyes that shoots darts.


As crazy as this comic sounds at times when I’m trying to impart my thoughts about it to you, dear reader and my friends. They think i’m trying to sell them on some wacky kind of comic. While the characters and situations at times can be comical. The story is what drives this thing home. God damn this story is just so good. It is wonderfully written in a way that while there is the previously mentioned wacky alien characters; it’s very very grounded as a comic. I simply can’t read each issue only one time. I finish the first read and then start over, reading slower, looking for clues. Looking at the scenery in the artwork, this damn beautiful artwork by Fiona Staples.


I’m trying to leave as much of this spoiler free as possible. There is no sense in ruining anything for someone who was curious and just gave this article a chance, but won’t give the comic a chance because I’ve tipped them off 24 issues deep. There are more than enough avenues to get caught up, one of which I suggest is Image Comics Digital. I say this to everyone that asks me what they should be reading, it is simply Saga.

Saga, Saga, Saga. It’s a perfect read for anybody that is mature enough (Ok, 23+ yr old if you really want an age) Not to say that this comic isn’t for kids. But, if you’re married, maybe with kids of your own, this comic will hit you on some levels, it sure as heck has for me.

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