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Sacred Hamburgers #1 – Labyrinth (1986)

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Greetings fans of! Boy do we have a treat for you all today. It seems that Ryan and I don’t have enough to do already here on the website, so we decided to start recording a whole new series of podcast for you to enjoy. Starting this month, we’ll be bringing you our newest monthly series that we’ve dubbed Sacred Hamburgers. If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the guys at RiffTrax, then this will be a podcast that you’ll absolutely love.

In much of the same style as those other shows, you’ll get myself and Ryan poking fun and giving running commentary on some of your favorite movies, that might be above ridicule and quite possibly some of your own Sacred Cows (get it finally?). We are in no way ripping on these movies, merely giving them a little bit of extra loving by poking fun at things we, and hopefully you too, find interesting/amusing.

This month’s selection is the David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly classic from Jim Henson, Labyrinth. The jokes just kind of wrote themselves during this show, so give us a listen and let us know what you think.

To get maximum enjoyment out of this show, you’ll need to procure a copy of the movie, and have it paused at the first title screen of the movie that looks something like this:

Then just listen for us on the podcast to say the word “unpause” and you too can enjoy the movie along with us. Don’t worry, the robovoice on my end goes away after a few minutes.

If you want to let us know how it turned out or if you have suggestions for the show please let us know! We can be reached by e-mail or in the forum. We’ll be back for sure next month with our audio track for The Warriors sometime in September. Keep your eyes peeled to this website for any news or updates!

[gplayer href=”″]Sacred Hamburgers #1 – Labyrinth (1986)[/gplayer]

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