Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Movie Revealed

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According to Slashfilm, UK funny paper The Sun Sacha Baron Cohen is already planning his next film.  Cohen is allegedly planning to do a mockumentary of the Eurovision Song Contest, for those of you that don’t know The Eurovision Song contest is a singing competition where one pop group from each country battle it out for European music domination.  Sounds terrible doesn’t it?  It normally is and the UK rarely get any points because most of Europe hates us.

I think this is great idea for Cohen to do but I can’t see him doing it.  He’s a household name all over the world now and outside of Europe nobody knows about the Eurovision song contest so I can’t see it selling very well anywhere else, maybe this would have been a great idea earlier on in his career but not because of how famous he is.

Regardless I’m interested to see to Cohen does next, Bruno fell a bit flat in my opinion and I’m wondering if he can pull off another character piece, surely he’s too well known now?

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