Ryan Reynolds Gets Buried Alive

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buried-11I unashamedly love Ryan Reynolds as an actor, he’s one of the few big actors I’ll forgive when he stars in a bad movie, like Wolverine because he signs up for interesting movies like Buried. The premise of Buried is a simple one, Ryan Reynolds plays a civilian construction worker who is kidnapped whilst working in Iraq and buried alive in a wooden box with only a pen light and mobile phone for company.

The majority of the film takes place from the inside of the box with Reynolds frantically trying to make phone calls to anybody that can help him before the phone runs out of power and he runs out of oxygen.

Sounds like a pretty interesting premise to me and Sam Rockwell in the summers indie hit Moon has proved that one man on screen for ninety minutes can interesting providing the story and premise have been well written.

I like it when Reynolds does these smaller quirky indie films.  The last one he did was The Nines (trailer below) in which his character may or may not have been god, it’s a really interesting film and was one of the films that made people sit up and realise the guy can act as well as stand there and look good.

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