James Helsby

Russell Crowe in Costume as Jor El

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More and more photos are showing up with various characters in various states of costume, from the new Zach Snyder reboot. Now we get to see Jor-El, aka Russel Crowe, in all his steam-punk glory.

Maybe it is just me, but the ‘S’ icon on Crowse costume seems to be rather inlaid with patterns. To my eyes, it seems rather steam-punk. Steam punk and superman may not be too bad of a combination, and considering how Zach Snyder presents his films, in heavily desaturated hues and hard highlights; having a bit of steam-punk thrown into the new reboot might actually work well to help enhance the film.

Crowe, seen here smoking on set in costume, will obviously be more of an onscreen presence than the prior Marlon Brando portrayal of Superman’s Kryptonian father. In the 1979 classic, Brando had a very small on screen role, where he is seen helping the baby Kal El into his space ship to be sent to earth. Later in the film, Brando’s ghost head is used as an info-dump device to give a young Clark Kent all the information he needs in order to become his alter-ego of Superman.

And while it may still be possible that Crowe will have limited time on screen, it seems like the place where these photos were taken was near to the previous action sequences filmed with Henry Cavell. Could the dispossessed ghost of Jor-El be haunting or guiding Superman as he works to fight evil on Earth?

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