UPDATE: Sony cease PSP Go production

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UPDATE: Sony Japan have confirmed that they’re finished with PSP Go production. The PSP-3000 model will continue being sold but it’s curtains for the digital distribution only PSP Go. Unsurprisingly, the reason is that Sony can focus on production of the NGP.

The PSP Go was released in October 2009, and as of last October, PSP sales had falled 50%.

I’ve always thought the idea behind the PSP GO is pretty ambitious, making it a handheld which distributes its games purely through digital distribution. However, that very fact (limiting the PSP library to what’s available digitally), the unergonomic design and general lack of popularity for PSP has worked against it since it was released. The potential was there but it just never delivered.


A translation of a Sony shop employee’s blog potentially reveals that Sony’s PSP Go console is facing the axe.Apparently, the sales manager of this employee’s shop has been told that there won’t be any more handhelds produced. Given that the Sony Next Gen Portable is due later this year, it doesn’t come as a big surprise. The case for this is supported by the fact that the PSP GO can only be accessed on the Japanese Sony store on its actual page, where it is currently out of stock, with no idea about when it will be back in stock.

Source: Andriasang

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