James Helsby

Rumor Mill: League of Shadows

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The rumor mill is back at it again, this time with unsubstantiated ‘inside information’  that the primary villian in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ will be none other than the League of Shadows.

Headed by Talia Al Ghul (played by an unknown) Bane (Tom Hardy) and possibly Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing… The Black Mask.

Also the rumor mill is stating that Anne Hathaway, either starts out as Catwoman, or ends up as Catwoman, but the final destination is that she is an ally of Batman and not a foe.

The idea of Levitt being the Black Mask is pretty awesome. It actually makes a lot of sense. The Black Mask was never a physically intimidating character, but much like Scarecrow, was a phsycologically intense character. A perfect part of Levitt.


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