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Rose City Comic Con: Plan of Attack

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I’m headed to Rose City Comic Con! After 20 years living in the Pacific Northwest, this will be only my fourth trip to Portland. What can I say? I’m a bit of a home body. But, I’m really excited for this weekend. It’s a new con for me and Portland is home to many of the best comic creators in the business. Should be a great time for sure.

Comic rock stars will be at Rose City with the likes of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka, Brian Michael Bendis, Erik Larsen, Alex Maleev, and Skottie Young. I plan to make stops at the tables of Leila Del Luca, Dylan Meconis, Jen Van Meter, Joshua Williamson, G. Willow Wilson, and Jim Zub among others. There is a lot of talent showing up in Portland this year.

Make your own plan of attack! See all the Exhibitors Programming, Special Guests, and Celebrity Guests on the Rose City Comic Con web page. Don’t miss the con exclusives either. Can one have too many convention t-shirts? I know I can’t have too many comics so I’ll look for the Wayward and Lumberjanes RCCC variants.

Here are my choices for must do events at Rose City Comic Con:

  • BOOM! Studios is making that company’s first appearance at RCCC with a con special of Lumberjanes #6 illustrated by Aubrey Aiese, who will be signing at the BOOM! Studios booth. Whoohoo!
  • Nicholas Brendan, Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will be signing at the Dark Horse booth on Saturday! (This is a ticketed event. Visit the Dark Horse booth early on Saturday for details.)
  • Deconstructing Pretty Deadly in Panel Room 6 on Saturday at 2:00 PM when Kelly Sue DeConnick will discuss her western-fantasy tale (which Sarah and I reviewed on WatchPlayRead).
  • I might get my nostalgia on for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Panel on Saturday at 3:00 PM in Panel Room 1. With Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer present, it should be an entertaining hour!
  • On Sunday, I could fill a big gap in sequential art knowledge (hint: it’s manga) at Dark Horse Manga: An Afternoon with Carl Horn at 12:00 PM in Panel Room 2. Learning about Dark Horse’s manga legacy and what’s in store for the future will definitely expand my comic view, since I know next to nothing about manga.
  • At 2:00 PM on Sunday, I’ve got three interesting panels to choose from: Secret Identity Politics with Ben Saunders, With Great Power Come Great Responsibility: The Role of the Fan in Geek Culture, or Professor Algernon’s World of Oddities and Wonders. Which one to choose?
  • Banned Books Week is one of my favorite times of the year! I make a point to seek out and read a new banned book each year. RCCC is hosting a panel of nonprofits, publishers, and creators to discuss the most challenged comics at Ban This! happening Sunday at 3:00 PM in Panel Room 4.

With the growing popularity of pop-culture and comic conventions, harassment policies are needed more than ever. A well-crafted harassment policy serves everyone by setting the expectations for the behavior of all attendees, guests, and media for the duration of the event. According to the RCCC Harassment Policy, “harassment is defined by the victim.” We all deserve to be treated with respect. Get acquainted with the Rose City Comic Con Harassment Policy here. Let’s have a con where no one blogs about harassment because no harassment happened. What a novel idea.

A few of us from WatchPlayRead will be in Portland for the con.  Follow @watchplayread on Twitter and our Facebook page for news and pics from Rose City Comic Con 2014!


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