Ryan Thomason

Roland Emmerich is Bringing us the Singularity

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NOT a disaster movie, but apparently it’ll have Robots/AI/Skynet or something.

Talking to Collider, Emmerich says Singularity is already in pre-production, and will probably start filming in late March. And he describes the storyline a bit:

It takes place in the future 40 years from now. It’s like kind of this moment where computer technology is so advanced that we kind of-It’s the danger of losing control…Well Singularity is a totally different film. I just want to stay a little bit away from disaster because I kind of think I did it enough, and this is something where we’re creating something that I think people haven’t seen yet.

I’m interested to see where this develops, I’d like to see what this “something people haven’t seen yet.” turns out to be. Right now, I’m just thinking Bladerunner for some reason.

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