Brian West

Is The Rock DC’s Newest Superhero?

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Can you smell what the rock is cooking?…..
It looks like mega-action star Rock is headed to WB/DC movies. The Rock tweeted out on New Years Eve that he had a big meeting with Warner Bros CEO about partnering up on a 2014 DC comics project. It appears that Marvel isn’t the only one getting a Fast and Furious star to beef up a comic movie project. While nothing has been confirmed by DC/Warner Bros, the Rock has been long rumored to be attached to possible Lobo and Black Adam franchises. It’s also possible he could be part of the Man of Steel 2/Justice League movie. With shooting starting in February of this year, the timing would be right for casting. Maybe DC would look for a new twist on an old villain and cast him as Lex Luthor……hmmm. Truthfully, there are quite a few characters that the Rock could play that would be great fits, and at this point adding him to any cast almost guaranties a hit film. This is a big get for DC and Warner Bros. So let the speculation began!!!! Who do you think the Rock is gonna be playing for DC!! Sound off below and let us know!!


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