Rock Band DLC for 4/19 – Mastodon,Tommy Tutone, Ohio Players, Relient K

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A variety of music for your potential purchasing habits next week. I don’t know what your pro mode guitar players did for Harmonix but you must have done something right because three of next week’s tracks are available as pro guitar upgrades. Here is what’s on the way, at the usual pricing of 160MSP/200 Wii Points/$2 for individual tracks and 80MSP/100 Wii Points/$1 for the pro guitar and bass upgrades.

• Anberlin – “Breaking
• Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder” X
• Ohio Players – “Fire
• Ohio Players – “Love Rollercoaster” X
• Relient K – “Must Have Done Something Right
• Tommy Tutone – “867-5309/Jenny” X

Tracks marked with X have pro guitar/bass upgrades.

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