Ryan Wilson

Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster Priced and Dated

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Waiting to buy Rock Band 3 until the real counterpart comes out? Then expect a lonely Winter, as Fender has announced that their special edition Squier Stratocaster won’t be hitting shelves until March 1st of 2011. The guitar, which is fitted with all the necessary electronics to play both in game and through an amp, appears to be fitted with one single-coil pickup and what I initially believed to be a humbucker pickup, but due to the lack of a switch on the guitar itself, it may just house the Rock Band necessary electronics. Those wishing to use the guitar as a gig guitar will definitely want to look elsewhere, as even the most basic guitars generally house at least two pickups to increase sound versatility.

The guitar retails at $279.99, though an additional $39.99 may be needed for the Madcatz MIDI adaptor, which Fender did not include in its details. To put that price into perspective, you can buy a full sized Squier Stratocaster for about $120 at most music stores. While Squier is Fender’s budget line of guitars, one can get a low end Fender brand guitar for about the same price as the Rock Band equipped version.

Needless to say, I will be sticking with the MIDI-only Fender Mustang PRO-guitar.

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