Rock Band 3 out 26th October in the US, 29th Globally

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MTV and Harmonix have announced this morning that Rock Band 3 will be released in North America on 26th October later this year. Unlike the last two games in the series, the global release will not face a huge delay with a global release only 3 days later.

For those who want to get it day one, MTV also have you covered, as they announced the pre-order incentives for the game in North America. If you preorder the 360/PS3 version from Gamestop, you’ll get a code to download Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House”, Deftones’ “My Own Summer” and New Order’s “Blue Monday”. If you go for Amazon, you’ll get an in-game guitar and if it’s the 360/PS3 version, then you’ll also get a $10 gift card. You will also get the same deal minus the guitar at Walmart.

We’d already found out about the Gamestop preorder incentive when it was leaked out a while ago, but it’s nice to get a confirmation, especially with such a nice set of songs. Whether Harmonix will shaft anyone who doesn’t preorder at Gamestop is another thing. There was a similar deal with The Beatles: Rock Band and the songs included in that deal were available to everyone so hopefully this will be the same. Now we just wait and see what Rock Band 3 can do to save a stagnating genre. On the one hand, keyboards and pro mode are welcome additions, but both of these come at a high price and consumers might not buy into it.

What do you think of Rock Band 3?

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