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Robocop Versus Terminator Hardcover: Fight For The Future

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I always like reading ‘versus’ stories!  Especially when the two characters are from completely different universes.  This Robocop Versus Terminator story was pretty darn enjoyable, and a straight-forward read that never made itself over-complicated, while maintaining multiple scenarios that play out one-after-another. The story line is quite similar to previous iterations of the Terminator movies.  With part of the story taking place in the future, our hero is ejected out of time and sent to the past, where the only mission is to stop the creation of a self-aware Skynet. With the twist being that now Robocop is our main protagonist.


Robocop vs. Terminator HC  from Dark Horse Comics


Robocop Versus Terminator HC
Publisher: Darkhorse Comics
Release date: July 2, 2014

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Robocop vs. Terminator (RVT) weighs in a around 150 pages. Which is good because, there is a lot of reiterating in this book, with reality being affected every time Robocop, a Terminator, or our heroine Flo makes a large adjustment to the time stream. Those moments can be fun if you liked playing Where’s Waldo, and looking for all the slight changes from one duplicate moment to the next.  I find myself speed reading over those parts, as the only time I want to read something over and over is if I haven’t had coffee and I can’t process what I read the first time through.

RVT is just as expected, packed full of big guns and explosions. There are some pretty classic and cool looking sound effects in RVT also. Which always reminds me of the Batman television show. The action is solid, with virtually no moments to catch your breath, as the pages lead you from one explosion to the next. No one is safe in RVT either, with hapless people, children, and even animals being driven underfoot by the ruthless advance of Skynet and the Terminators. (That would make cool band name, right?) Just about everything gets blown up in RVT, which is great because who doesn’t like explosions? I was also happy to see the ED-209 unit in RVT, even if it was brief, as this is a story about machines after all.  Besides, ED is a Robocop staple, and had some of the best lines in the movies. This book also has a good chunk of bonus art in the back, for those that like to look at creator sketches and what-not. I think it’s nice to see how character art develops, with different artists.  Get a copy of this battle for humanity in RoboCop vs. the Terminator HC before the robots come for their masters!!

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