Ryan Thomason

Robert Kirkman and Norman Reedus are teaming up for “Air”

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Because killing zombies in the post-apocalyptic wasteland just gets so boring. They’re teaming up (co-producing) what is being deemed an indie sci-fi thriller called Air.

Robert Kirman Norman Reedus Air

With Reedus starring and Djimon Hounsou added to the cast, Air is thus so far from what we know: Two custodial workers in an underground cryogenic facility on an Earth that has succumbed to a nuclear fallout and become inhospitable on the surface. Their job is to take care of the patients cryogenically sleeping, meant to one day repopulate the planet, but “they struggle to preserve their own sanity and lives while maintaining the extremely fragile environment of the last livable place on earth.”

This will mark the directorial debut of Christian Cantamessa who co-wrote the film with Chris Pasetto. Word is that Sony is close to landing the distribution rights, so you’re not going to have to worry about this being one of those movies you can only see at a film festival.

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