Ryan Thomason

Rob Kirkman teases Walking Dead (TV Show) not Spoilers

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The creator/writer of the comics Robert Kirkman says the show will reveal this season what Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear in last year’s finale.

“I wouldn’t want to give away exactly when we reveal it, but I will say that it’s something we don’t carry in into the next season – assuming there is a Season 3. We understand that there are different [questions] that TV shows will tease out for a very long time [and] how that sometimes becomes a little boring and wears out its welcome. We’re definitely not going to do that. That’s all I’ll say.”

Well apparently we won’t find out during the second season, but IF there is a third season we might find out what Rick was the only human being alive to hear what the hell Jenner whispered to him before he killed himself and blew up the Center for Disease Control. I’m hoping Jenner told him something that was totally useless like, “Make sure you use a condom when you have sex if you’re trying to prevent babbies from being born in this zombie shithole world.”


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