RLR #11 – Jan 12th, 2009

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Good morning MWN!!!! How’s my favorite dirty slut doing this glorious Monday morning? Hopefully feeling as good as I am and recovering from another great weekend. By the way, I hope that rash clears up for ya, sorry about that.
Anyways, as you all know it’s Monday which around here means another episode of the greatest podcast known to man, Red Light Roundtable. Excremento is too busy discovering that everyone poops so you have me, your favorite misogynist.

This week we tackle the hard hitting issues such as:

  • Why cheese dip is so good
  • Is there really a limit to how gay king3vbo can be?
  • Charles Barkley: the greatest black man ever
  • Our incredibly in-depth look into the greatness that will be 2009

and other fun topics. So join myself, king3vbo, thef1sh and the Shogun himself for another fun and action-packed hour of the RLR.
Just as a reminder, our next recording will be on the 15th of January and will be featured live on Ustream.tv. So join us there and listen to the genius that goes into making your favorite podcast.
Any questions or concerns can be sent directly to our lord and master, Raptor Jesus.

[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/episodes/RLR090108.mp3″]RLR Episode 11[/gplayer]

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