Robert Chesley

Rifftrax comes to Hulu

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MST3K fans rejoice! You can now watch Rifftrax features on hulu.

Micheal J Nelson tweeted this weekend that Rifftrax is now available on Hulu. What is rifftrax? What is MST3K? Well, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a cult tv show from the 90s that featured a human and two robot puppets being subjected to terrible movies. They could only do one thing to keep their sanity and that was make as many pop culture and silly references at the movie they were subjected to. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is probably my favorite TV show of all time. I’m a huge fan of Rifftrax. The idea behind Rifftrax was to “MST3K” newer, more popular movies. Since you have to sync up an MP3 track to the film you are watching, they can practically riff anything they want without fear of lawyers coming down upon them.

Now you can watch five features including “Plan 9” and “Night of the Living Dead” with Rifftrax commentary. I’m excited to watch these again as I have only seen the riff for “Plan 9”.


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