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Ridley Scott is a Sneaky Bastard

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You might recall last week sometime when we let the cat out of the bag about the Alien prequel being cancelled in order to pave the way for a new IP being helmed by Ridley Scott called Prometheus. Well, come to find out…it’s got more in common with Alien then we initially led to believe.

In a recent article from SKY in which they talked to an unnamed source who spilled the beans on many of the current in-production parts of the script. Warning…there might be some pretty hefty spoilers if you want to keep this movie fresh. You’ve been warned.

Ok for those of you who have stuck around…the movie WILL have Xenomorphs in it, but they’re going to be much bigger. According to their source, the space-jockey set that appeared in the first movie has already been built which confirms that the movie does take place within the same universe.

Michael Fassbender (who is going to be appearing in the new X-Men: First Class movie) will be appearing as an android in the new Prometheus movie which supposedly will have ties to the Bishop model of androids from the Alien universe…and that’s pretty damned awesome. I was already pretty interested in this movie since I love just about anything that Ridley Scott touches, but now I’m really hopeful for what it may become.

As long as it’s not another AvP schlockfest…I’m sold.

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